163 Resources : Recovering Alone
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Video Infidelity, Divorce, and the Courage to Keep Going: My Interview with Lisa Arends 6/9/2020
Video "I Was Living in Denial" - An Interview With a Betrayed Male Spouse 5/5/2020
Video Where Do We Go from Here? Hope for the Couple or Divorcee after Infidelity 4/16/2020
Video What Does the Betrayed Do When the Unfaithful Moves on without Them? 4/7/2020
Video Three Tips for Surviving Betrayal Trauma: The Aftermath of Infidelity and the Corona-virus 3/19/2020
Video Q&A How Do I Handle My Fear around My Ex-Wife's Possible Relationship? 3/16/2020
Video Samuel at Affair Recovery Discusses Isolation and the Unfaithful Spouse 3/12/2020
Text Healing from Infidelity: Going it alone 2/12/2020
Video As a Betrayed or Unfaithful Spouse, You Must Heal Yourself 1/21/2020
Video Q&A How Do We Move Forward If My Mate Isn't Willing to Get Help? 11/21/2019
Video The Unfaithful Spouse and Isolation 11/12/2019
Video Q&A How Will I Know If It's Safe for My Spouse to Move Back in with Me? 9/26/2019
Video Q&A Do I Need to Have My Mate Move Out? 9/26/2019
Video Q&A What Would You Recommend for Spouses Who Lose Their Mate to Suicide during Recovery? 9/13/2019
Video Q&A Can I Ever Get Passed Sharing My Daughter with the Affair Partner? 9/13/2019
Video Q&A When Do We Leave out of Our Own Self Respect? 7/10/2019
Video Q&A Do You Recommend a Separation in Our Circumstance? 7/10/2019
Video When Is It Time to Pull Back and Simply Focus on Your Own Healing? 6/4/2019
Text How to Get Your Mate to Cooperate (Without Being Controlling) 5/29/2019
Video Infidelity Makes You Want to Give up on Yourself 5/23/2019