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Q&A How Long Will the Triggers Continue? 3/20/2019
Q&A Should I Set Boundaries with Friends during Recovery? 3/13/2019
Understanding Codependency and Betrayal: An Excerpt from Harboring Hope 3/13/2019
Q&A Why Is My Resentment Growing? 3/06/2019
How Does the Betrayed Spouse Grieve Properly? 2/27/2019
Q&A How Do I Handle My New Fears as a Result of the Infidelity? 2/20/2019
Q&A Is It Healthy to Feel Nothing Toward the Affair Partner? 2/20/2019
Q&A How Can I Stop the Lingering Intrusive Thoughts? 2/20/2019
Q&A What Advice Do You Have for Anger Management? 2/13/2019
Q&A How Safe It Is for Me to Keep Racking up the Memories of All Accounts? 2/06/2019
Q&A How Can the Wayward Spouse Process Grief? 1/23/2019
Q&A How Do I Change My Thinking? 1/23/2019
Q&A What Boundaries Should We Set around Our Emotions? 1/22/2019
Q&A What Does It Mean to Be a Safe Place for the Betrayed's Anger? 1/22/2019
Q&A How Do I Help My Mates Triggers? 1/16/2019
Q&A How Do I Balance Processing Everything without Becoming Overwhelmed with It? 1/09/2019
Q&A Is This Normal or Is This a Sign of Unforgiveness? 12/12/2018
Q&A How Do I Get My Anger under Control? 12/05/2018
Q&A How Can I Accept His Affection Without It Triggering so Much Pain? 11/28/2018
Q&A Am I Wrong for Feeling Exhausted? 11/26/2018
Q&A Will Feelings for the Affair Partner Ever Fade? 11/07/2018
Q&A What Is the Best Way to Deal with Ambivalence? 11/01/2018
Q&A How Does Depression Affect Infidelity and Recovery? 11/01/2018
Q&A Can I Retrain My Brain to Not Go into Fight or Flight from the Triggers? 11/01/2018
Q&A What Can I Do to Strengthen My Self Image? 10/23/2018
Q&A Will Feelings for the Affair Partner Come Back If They Are Not Addressed? 10/17/2018
Q&A How Can I Continue to Heal Without My Feelings Being Hijacked by Fear? 10/17/2018
Q&A How Can I Give My Anger a Healthy Outlet? 10/17/2018
Q&A How Do We Both Deal with My Mates Shame? 9/26/2018
Q&A How Do I Stop These Behaviors? 9/26/2018
Q&A Why Is My Mate Reacting This Way? 9/26/2018
Q&A What Are Your Thoughts on Trauma and PTSD? 9/20/2018
Q&A Is It Wrong That My Depression Has Lasted so Long? 9/20/2018
What Is A Forgiveness Letter? 9/19/2018
Q&A What Should I Do about Physical Abuse? 9/12/2018
Q&A How Can We Stop Nightmares about the Affair? 8/29/2018
Q&A How Can I Stop the Intrusive Thoughts? 8/29/2018
Q&A How Do I Handle My Mate's Lying? 8/29/2018
Q&A What Keeps My Betrayed Spouse from Acknowledging Her Lack of Safety in Our Relationship? 8/22/2018
Q&A How Do I Overcome This Vicious Cycle? 8/08/2018
Q&A How Can I Help My Mate with the Challenges of Intrusive Sexual Thoughts? 8/01/2018
Q&A What Are Your Thoughts on Ambivalence in Our Situation? 8/01/2018
Q&A How Can You Ever Get over Triggers When They Are All around You? 7/23/2018
Q&A How Can I Overcome My Triggers in the Curriculum? 7/23/2018
Q&A How Do I Move past the Feelings of Rage I Have Towards the Affair Partner? 7/11/2018
Q&A What Do I Do with Triggering Pictures? 7/11/2018
Q&A How Can We Get out of This Destructive Cycle? 7/06/2018
Looking for Safety: Harboring Hope 6/12/2018
Q&A How Do I Manage the Feeling That I Will Never Be Enough? 6/06/2018
Q&A Will I Ever Stop Flooding? 5/18/2018