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Video Q&A Where is the Line Between Honesty and Pretend Normal? 6/02/2015
Video Q&A Is it Normal to Have Turmoil so Soon After EMS Weekend? 6/02/2015
Video Q&A Can Someone go from Years of Unfaithfulness to Faithful at the Flip of a Switch? 6/02/2015
Video Q&A Why is my Husband Resisting Change? 6/02/2015
Video Q&A How do we Handle a Persistent Affair Partner? 6/02/2015
Audio Q&A How do I get him to be more interested in recovery?” 5/29/2015
Video Q&A When Can the Betrayed Spouse Move on? 5/19/2015
Video Q&A Should I Separate From my Unfaithful Spouse? 5/19/2015
Video Q&A How Can I Set Boundaries While my Spouse is Having an Affair? 5/12/2015
Video Q&A Should I Publicly Expose my Spouse's Affair Partner? 5/12/2015
Video Q&A Why do They Continue to Lie? 5/12/2015
Video Q&A My Spouse Works With Their Affair Partner. Will They Relapse? 5/04/2015
Video Q&A Does my Husband Have a Problem he Can't Break? 4/28/2015
Video Q&A What Does Godly Sorrow vs. Worldly Sorrow Look Like? 4/28/2015
Video Q&A Do They Have Lingering Feelings for the Affair Partner? 4/28/2015
Audio Q&A How do I Decide to Stay or Go? 4/24/2015
Audio Q&A Do you Think he Might be Lying Again? 4/24/2015
Audio Q&A Why is it Not a Good Idea to Contact the AP? 4/24/2015
Audio Q&A How Can I Trust Him if I Can't See Him? 4/24/2015
Video Q&A How Can I Deal with the Affair Partner Having Been in my House? 4/21/2015
Video Q&A Should I Reciprocate Transparency With my Phone? 4/21/2015
Video Q&A How Can I Help my Husband Forgive Himself for Leaving his Affair Partner? 4/21/2015
Video Q&A Does Giving my Wife Full Disclosure in Therapy Make me Less of a Man? 4/21/2015
Video Q&A How Long do I Wait for my Wife to End her Affair? 4/21/2015
Video Q&A How do I Obtain Closure When the AP is his Ex-Wife? 4/21/2015
Video Q&A How Does a Betrayed Spouse Deal with Lying by Omission? 4/15/2015
Video Q&A My Husband's AP May be Pregnant with his Child. What do I do? 4/15/2015
Video Q&A What do I do With a New Discovery About my Husband's Behavior? 4/15/2015
Video Q&A (HFH) Rick, What was Your Personal Experience With Relapse? 4/15/2015
Video Q&A Am I Overreacting to Setbacks, and is it Too Soon to Move Home? 4/15/2015
Video Q&A What's Your Advice on Moving? 3/31/2015
Video Q&A Stuck!? 3/31/2015
Video Q&A What are Your Views on the Affair Partner? 3/31/2015
Video Q&A How Can I Stop This Obsession? 3/31/2015
Audio Q&A What Can I do Since my Husband is Still in His Affair? 3/20/2015
Audio Q&A Should I Give up on my Dishonest Husband? 3/20/2015
Audio Q&A How Can I Deal With my Rage? 3/20/2015
Audio Q&A Would more Detail Help me Heal? 3/20/2015
Audio Q&A How can I Get my Husband to Cut off Contact With His AP? 3/20/2015
Audio Q&A Should I Cut off All Contact With my Husband? 3/20/2015
Audio Q&A Is it Just a Leap of Faith? 3/20/2015
Audio Q&A How Long does Limerance Last? 3/20/2015